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247 Auto Locksmiths and Ignition Repairs

247 Auto Locksmiths and Ignition Repairs

Locked your car keys inside? Lost your car keys? Need your remote fixed? Our team has the experience and equipment ready to help you in any emergency situation.

• NO call out charge
• 25 minute response
• 1 year warranty
• 2nd key discount

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247 Auto Locksmith is proud to offer 24-hour emergency ignition repair services in London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.

Ignition repair is a vital service for stranded motorists who cannot start their engines due to an ignition-related issue. Don’t attempt to fix your ignition by yourself because you could end up damaging your ignition further. If you want peace of mind knowing your ignition repair is in good hands, you’ll want to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our auto locksmiths.

We have a team of skilled auto locksmiths with the proper tools, equipment, and experience to repair ignitions in any vehicle. The best part is that we can come to any location within our coverage areas to assist you, including on the roadside where you have been stranded.

The complex ignition repair process requires us to disassemble your ignition, locate the faulty component, and replace it with a brand new one. Only experienced auto locksmiths can perform this task without risking any further damage to the ignition. We will operate in a safe and orderly manner to ensure the longevity and functionality of your ignition.

247 Auto Locksmith possesses all the necessary licenses and credentials to provide emergency ignition repair services in London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. It doesn’t matter if you’re a domestic or commercial motorist because we can serve both just as equally and professionally.

Contact us at 07921 365247 to submit your emergency ignition repair request. We don’t charge any call-out fees and all replacement ignition parts come with a one-year warranty.


We can replace your lost, stolen or damaged car keys. (Emergency Car locksmith)


We have the cutting equipment onboard to replace the broken car key blade.


Worn and broken car ignitons replaced at the roadside.


Using the latest technology we can programme new transponders to your car.





247 Auto Locksmith Ashurst Wood, Sussex

Whatever the time of day or night – 247 Auto Locksmith is here to help you (Emergency Car locksmith).

We have many years of experience in the Auto Locksmith industry and no vehicle system is a problem for us. We work with a large range of vehicles so you can be confident in our workmanship.