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Car Locksmith Crawley

car locksmith crawley

Locked your car keys inside? Lost your car keys? Need your remote fixed? Our team has the experience and equipment ready to help you in any emergency situation.

• NO call out charge
• 25 minute response
• 1 year warranty
• 2nd key discount

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If you are someone who is seeking out the best auto locksmith services in Crawley then, we have some great news for you. You have found the right place. We at 247 Auto Locksmith are known all throughout Crawley as the company that provides the best auto locksmith services. From dealing with emergency lockout situations to replacing auto keys that may have gotten stolen or lost, there is nothing that we don’t do, from extractions of car keys to making spare keys.

Our Auto Locksmith Services

By choosing our auto locksmith services, you will be able to gain access to the best and most skilled team of car key specialists who are also experts in remotes. Our team of auto locksmith specialists will be able to expertly and efficiently handle all of your auto locksmith service needs, even if they are related to the anti-theft system of your auto vehicle. Here is a list of all of the auto locksmith services that we provide here at 247 Auto Locksmith.

Emergency Lockout

If you happen to get locked out of your car, then you can easily contact us to have the issue resolved for you. Our locksmith will reach you in no time, and without having to break your window or cause any damage to your vehicle, open up your car door using a variety of high-quality tools.

Replacing Your Stolen Or Lost Keys

We have provided our locksmiths with vans that have onboard equipment that allows for reprogramming and key cutting. Using the system, our locksmiths will first decode the lock of your car, and then by further using the specialized equipment, they will program a brand new key that you will be able to use at all times for your vehicle. The best part is that our system always respects the privacy and security of our clients by deleting the data used to program your new key.


If, due to some reason, your car key broke while it was within the lock, there is no need to panic as we can fix that problem for you. Our auto locksmiths are equipped with the highest quality tools that they need in order to extract the broken key from your vehicle without causing any damage.

Refurbishments, Repairings, and Replacements

Apart from solving any issues that you may be experiencing with your car key, we can also help with any issues that you may be experiencing with your remote. This includes solving issues in case there are any issues with the buttons, the programming, or just the overall aesthetics. We can provide you with an entirely new remote, fix, or even replace the buttons and casing of your remote. Our team of experts are also equipped with the knowledge and expertise to repair or replace the mechanism behind your lock.

Apart from that, we also provide spare keys as well as ECU fault and immobiliser services. Not only do we provide the best auto locksmith services, but what makes us so popular within the market are our competitive prices. So, you will be able to receive the best services at the lowest prices. So, don’t hesitate and contact us today.


Car key repair


We can replace your lost, stolen or damaged car keys. (Emergency Car locksmith)

Car key repair


We have the cutting equipment onboard to replace the broken car key blade.


Worn and broken car ignitons replaced at the roadside.


Using the latest technology we can programme new transponders to your car.






Whatever the time of day or night – 247 Auto Locksmith is here to help you (Emergency Car locksmith).

We have many years of experience in the Auto Locksmith industry and no vehicle system is a problem for us. We work with a large range of vehicles so you can be confident in our workmanship.