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A jammed ignition means that you either have a car key that has become stuck in the lock or after inserting the key, it simply will not turn to start. While it can be distressing to realise your ignition is not working as it normally does, there is often no need to panic. Some of the reasons for a jammed ignition can often be easily resolved on your own. Here are a few remedies to try.

Turn the steering wheel

If the jammed ignition is caused by the steering wheel lock having been engaged by having turned the steering wheel after the key was removed, you can fix it by turning it back and forth as you attempt a start.

Lock lubrication

It is not uncommon for dust, grime and other minute debris to accumulate at the keyway of the ignition and make the key unable to properly connect with the tumblers. A good way to resolve this would be to clean the car key and keyway as best you can and lubricate it with a silicon or graphite-based lubricant before insertion.

Jiggle your key

A simple way to try and unjam your lock and loosen the springs and pins inside the cylinder that are not connecting well with your key would be to simply jiggle it while inside the ignition. It can make it easier to extract the key that has become stuck. But do not be so rough as to cause the key to break in the lock.

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Some problems may require a locksmith or other professional to diagnose and fix. This can include extracting a broken or damaged key, replacing the key and cylinder, or failure in the ignition or security system. If none of the above simple remedies is working or you are unable to diagnose the problem, simply call on a professional to avoid causing further damage.

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