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In the past, the only type of key that you could use for cars were mechanical keys. But with the evolution of technology, many new devices have come into being. That is why in case of emergencies, you must get a locksmith who has adequate knowledge.

Here is everything you need to know about the most common type of car keys that locksmiths should know.

Mechanical Keys

These are the traditional keys that come with many car models. The key is made with a simple machining tool and has a distinctive pattern of teeth. That is why it only works when rotated in the correct direction.

The best part about mechanical keys is that any competent locksmith can create them for you on the roadside. That is because the construction equipment is portable and can be carried in vans.

Self-Programmable Remotes

As the name implies, these aren’t keys. Instead, they are remotes that you can use to lock or unlock your car. You can get your remote from an auto locksmith in Redhill or a car dealer. But keep in mind that locksmiths charge less and take less time to build programmable remotes.


Transponders have come into being recently and look like a traditional key in the first instance. However, they don’t come with teeth shaped keys. Instead, they have an electric chip installed within them. This provides the transponder with a unique code for accessing the car.

So if the digital code doesn’t match, the key won’t work. While the use of a transponder may seem complex, it’s hassle-free. The best part is that locksmiths can easily program the device and replace it for you on the go.

Laser-Cut Key

A laser-cut key is an advanced option of the mechanical keys. The difference between them is that this one is made from laser technology. So the key has a precise pattern that cannot be created in a mechanical key.

Besides that, a laser-cut key is more flexible than the traditional option. That is because you can rotate it in either direction, and it will still work. Unfortunately, hardware stores and retailers usually don’t offer replacement of these keys. That is why it is essential to get a locksmith for them.

Combination Key

The combination key includes a teeth-patterned key as well as a remote. So you will get the best of both worlds. Not only that, but they offer higher security in case of emergencies.

So if you’re confused about security and convenience, then a combination key will meet all your needs. An auto locksmith can make them for you at a low cost.

Tibbe Keys

Tibbe car keys are one of the unique automotive devices. That is because only a competent auto locksmith or a dealer can make them. Not only that, but they’re compatible with only certain vehicles such as Jaguar and Ford.

Bottom Line

There are many broad types of car keys that you can get. Luckily, at 247 Auto Locksmith, you can benefit from all the options and much more. For more information on our range of services feel free to phone us.

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