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Losing your car keys is a stressful experience. You may be wondering if you need to get an expensive locksmith or if your insurance will cover the cost. We’ll discuss this question in detail below, so read on!

Does Insurance Provide Coverage For Lost Car Keys?

Insurance policies vary greatly, but the majority of car insurance companies do not cover lost car keys. Typically, if your key is stolen because you were negligent with it (leaving your key in an unattended vehicle or losing sight of it) then this would be covered under many comprehensive coverage plans. However, if you lose track of where your key was placed and someone else finds it they could easily make a copy to use for their own purposes; therefore, insurers will typically deny these claims as there is no way to prove that the person who made a copy did so while intending on using said copies for criminal activities.

Does it matter if my keys are lost or stolen?

If you lose your car keys and they are not stolen, then in most cases this would not be covered by insurance. If the key was misplaced or left in an unattended vehicle and someone else found it that could potentially use a copy to unlock your door; however, if the person who finds them is able to make copies of the key without ever taking physical possession (for example: using some sort of high-tech device), then there were no keys “stolen” from you because nobody took something that belonged to you. In addition, if another family member has access to one of your lost car keys and makes copies for themselves we will also consider these claims denied as well since allowing one person access under such circumstances means everyone should know where car keys are stored at all times.

Does It Even Matter If I lose My Car Keys or If They Are Stolen?

There are some instances where an insurer will provide coverage regardless of whether the key was lost or stolen. For example, if your car is equipped with a transponder (or chip), then in most cases they require that you bring your vehicle to one of their approved service centers for them to reprogram it when replacing the keys; therefore, we would consider this claim paid as long as you have receipts proving such replacement and can provide proof that you had comprehensive insurance at the time these services were performed. However, even in this case, since many companies require consumers to use authorized dealers there may be certain restrictions on what type of work is covered under such circumstances.

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