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It is a stressful feeling to find out that you’ve locked your keys inside your car. You may get the urge to break the glass to open the door, but don’t! There are cleaner and more sophisticated ways to open a car door without breaking or damaging anything.

Below are the top three ways to open a car door if your keys are locked inside.

1) Coat Hanger

You’ve probably seen the coat hanger trick used in movies before. Basically, if your car has a horizontal locking mechanism in the door, you can use a wire coat hanger to pull the lock open.

Grab your wire coat hanger and bend it into a hook. Stick it into the crack of the door until the hook connects with the lock. Now pull on the hanger to pull the lock into the open position.

2) Rod and Screwdriver

This method requires more precision and accuracy. If you don’t perform it correctly, you could damage the car easily.

Use the screwdriver to create space in the crack of the door. Now stick the rod into the space and use it to push the lock open. 

3) Shoelace

If there is a pull-up locking mechanism in your car door, you can use a shoelace to pull it open. Just make a loop with the shoelace and gently push it into the door. Then, get the loop around the lock and pull it to open.


If you fail at the first four methods, you can always contact an auto locksmith as your last resort. An auto locksmith is specifically trained and skilled at opening car doors. But if you can save a few bucks by opening your car door yourself, then give it a try. Otherwise, contact a professional like 247 Auto Locksmith at any time of the day or night for assistance.  

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