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Do you need to protect the tools in your van from thieves? There are many reasons why you might think someone would steal your tools. London, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex have seen a growing trend of tool theft from commercial vans. Since tools are expensive and support productivity for many businesses across the city, the owners will be devastated if their tools get stolen unexpectedly.

If you want to deter thieves from your vehicle filled with tools, there are a couple of tips you could try out. They are as follows:

1) Always Lock Your Doors

The number one deterrent is locked doors. The average thief won’t smash your vehicle windows to gain entry into your van. Instead, they will try out the doors to see if they are unlocked. That makes gaining entry to the van and accessing the tools so much easier. But if you lock the doors, the thieves will usually walk away in most cases.

2) Portable CCTV System

If you really want to protect the tools in your vehicle, then add a portable CCTV system inside of it. Once thieves see the camera rolling, they won’t want to get their picture taken anywhere near your vehicle. A CCTV system is a perfect deterrent for sure, even if it is an artificial camera used. The thieves won’t know the difference as long as it looks realistic. 

3) Alarm System 

An auto alarm system is made for a reason. You could install an auto alarm system that activates when unauthorised people attempt to open your doors or break inside to access your tools. As soon as that loud alarm sound activates, thieves will run away quickly.

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