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Smart Cars are equipped with an ingenious system designed to alert you when the key fob battery is running low. This user-friendly feature ensures you’re never caught off guard by a dead key fob. When the battery begins to lose power, you’ll notice the car’s indicators flashing nine times upon unlocking. This clear and unmistakable signal is your prompt to replace the battery, helping you avoid potential inconvenience and ensuring your vehicle’s immobiliser system remains fully functional. By proactively addressing this alert, you can maintain seamless access and operation of your Smart Car, highlighting the brand’s commitment to combining advanced technology with everyday practicality.

Common Problem:

Many owners are unaware of this feature and don’t realise that the vehicle’s immobiliser is controlled by the remote. When the key fob battery dies completely, the remote loses sync with the vehicle, preventing the car from starting even after the battery is replaced.


Step 1: Change the Key Fob Battery Firstly, try changing the key fob battery. There’s a chance that even a nearly dead battery has enough power to keep the remote synced to your vehicle. Here are the types of batteries needed for each Smart Car model:

  • Early 600cc (One button key): 2x CR2016
  • Fortwo 600cc: CR1225
  • Fortwo 700cc: CR1225
  • Fortwo 800cc: CR1225
  • Fortwo 999cc: CR2016
  • Forfour: CR2016
  • Roadster: CR1225
  • Crossblade: CR1225

Step 2: Re-sync Your Key Fob If changing the battery doesn’t work, the key fob needs to be re-synced to the vehicle. This requires specialised diagnostic equipment and should be done by a professional.

Why Choose 247 Auto Locksmith?

At 247 Auto Locksmith, we offer a quick and cost-effective solution. Our experienced locksmiths come to you and re-sync your Smart Car key fob on the same day, getting you back on the road without hassle.

For assistance, contact us at 07921365247 to speak with an experienced locksmith.

Car Key Batteries:

We also stock and sell a wide range of car key batteries. If you need a replacement, check our inventory for the right battery for your vehicle.

Smart Cars Information:

Smart Cars, known for their compact design and innovative technology, are ideal for urban environments where parking and manoeuvrability are paramount. These vehicles are equipped with features that maximise efficiency and convenience, including advanced safety systems, fuel-efficient engines, and modern infotainment options. The distinctive Tridion Safety Cell provides robust protection in case of collisions, while the Smart Control app allows owners to monitor and control their vehicles remotely. Additionally, Smart Cars boast an impressive turning radius, making them exceptionally easy to park in tight spaces. These features, combined with their eco-friendly options like electric models, make Smart Cars a smart choice for city dwellers seeking a blend of practicality and modernity.

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