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Affected Vehicle:

This issue is specific to the Vauxhall Corsa D models manufactured between 2006 and 2014, predominantly those built before 2009. No other Vauxhall models are impacted by this problem.

Symptoms of the Fault:

If your Corsa D is affected, it will not start, and you may see a flashing dashboard light depicting a car with a spanner. Additionally, the vehicle might store one or more of the following fault codes:

  • P1632 – Wrong Transponder Key
  • P1678 – ECM Identification Failed
  • P1679 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received BCM
  • B3114 – Remote Key Not Synchronised
  • B3925 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received IPC
  • B3929 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received SDM
  • B3977 – Wrong Environment Identifier Received ECM

When Does This Fault Occur?

This issue typically arises when you either attempt to start the vehicle with a flat battery or jump-start the car.

Understanding the Fault:

When starting the vehicle with a flat battery, the Body Control Module (BCM) doesn’t get enough power, leading to data corruption. Consequently, the BCM cannot properly communicate with other modules, resulting in the vehicle’s immobilisation for security reasons.

Key Modules Affected:

  • BCM (Body Control Module): Manages immobiliser, remote central locking, lights, wipers, and more.
  • ECM (Engine Control Module): Controls engine functions including fuel, air, and ignition.
  • IPC (Instrument Cluster): Houses the speedometer, rev counter, and warning lights.
  • SDM (Airbag Module): Controls airbag deployment for safety.

Fixing the Problem:

To resolve this issue, genuine Tech 2 Vauxhall diagnostics are required. The BCM must be reset and reprogrammed to sync with the other security modules.

Do You Need to Visit a Main Dealer?

No, you don’t need to go to a main dealer. At 247 Auto Locksmith, we have the necessary diagnostics equipment and extensive experience fixing this common problem quickly and efficiently.


We offer this service at a flat rate of £180. There are no hidden charges. For more information or to book an appointment, please get in touch with us.

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