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No matter where you’re located in South London, Surrey, Sussex or Kent we can replace your keys with duplicates. Any request can be satisfied and we can cut your keys on site. We can then test their function in front of you and ensure there are no other key related issues present. Our friendly team has access to all the latest locksmith technology of Car key replacement, including mobile key cutting equipment and transponder programming machinery.

Replacing keys may seem like a difficult business. Maybe you don’t live anywhere near a locksmith and need a key replacing quickly for yourself or a friend or relative. It’s always very important to have a spare key in case of the loss or theft of your primary key. Sometimes a key may have been misplaced and you won’t be able to retrieve the spare before a journey or holiday. Duplicating your existing key is the only option and with the technology we have to cut keys on-site, you don’t need to travel to a locksmith.

With the kind of technology packed into modern keys, using a locksmith to cut and reprogram yours on-site is not only the most convenient way of getting yourself a new set of keys and it’s also the cheapest. Some dealerships can’t provide replacements for 2 weeks or more and they cost a fortune.

We can provide a replacement key service around the clock too, as we’re a 24/7 locksmithing service.

There are a wide array of reasons as to why you may need replacement keys

– You’ve lost your spare and need it before embarking on a long journey.

  • More than one family member needs their own keys and you’ve misplaced the spare.
  • You’ve purchased a vehicle that only had one key and need another cut.
  • You simply want more keys for you vehicle.

Cutting car keys need not be a task only a dealership can carry out. Our dedicated team is trained with the latest technology which the dealerships use themselves and can cut and program keys from their vans. It doesn’t matter where you are in London or what time you call, we can cut replacement keys round the clock.

Serving a large area of London, we can travel to you and take the stress out of replacing your key. Testing it on-site is a great asset to the customer too, many people get keys cut at locksmiths and find out the don’t work. With us, that will never be the case.

All types of vehicles and keys are covered no matter the age of your vehicle.

With the modern advances in lock and key technology, it becomes more and more difficult to find a working car key replacement. This is particularly evident in the replacement of the ignition key, which also serves as the key for door locks in most cars. The trend is so because the keys are built incorporating complex technology some that even uses transmission of radio signals between the car and the keys. However, you will have no problem in this when you choose to get locksmith services from a company with a proven performance track record. In London, 247 Auto Locksmith is this company.

Whenever you find yourself needing a car key replacement, you have two options that you can pick from. The first one is to find a tow truck, have your car towed to your nearest car dealer, then wait until they can make you a new pair of keys. Under normal circumstances, this process takes between a few days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the locksmith system installed. If you needed to use the car urgently, you might be forced to find another car.

The second option is picking your phone and calling Auto Locksmith London. After we receive your call, we strive to make sure that we have a car locksmith with you in less than 30 minutes depending on your London. These locksmiths come with all the required tools and equipment hence you can be sure that your problem will be solved there and then. You will never have to wait for days before you can use your car again.

One of the very critical times when you need a replacement of your car keys is when you have been locked out. When the keys are inside the car, there is usually no problem since the locksmith only needs to perform a simple car entry. However, what happens if the keys have been misplaced outside the car and you can’t find them? If you have looked everywhere for them and you can’t find them and you need to use the car, no need to worry. Auto Locksmith London will be there for you.

We will send you a locksmith who will have a replacement ready for you in no time. If you feel that your car keys have been stolen, then we will first erase the stolen key from your vehicle’s immobilizer memory then code the immobilisers and the locks to work with new keys. All this will be done in the shortest time possible to make sure that your business does not come to a standstill. What more would you need from a locksmith?

Call us at 247 Auto Locksmith or at least have our number in your phonebook just to make sure that you are ready for any locksmith emergency that you may find yourself in. we are the best in London and we’ll give you services that you will be more than happy to pay for.

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