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It can be a terrible feeling when you realise your car key doesn’t work. The main reason for car key malfunctions has to do with the physical condition of the key. Does your car key look bent out of shape or severely worn out? If so, then it could explain a lot about why your car key doesn’t work anymore.

Your car key needs to be completely straight and functional to work correctly. Don’t forget that modern car keys are designed with computer chips and key fobs, which causes them to be more sensitive. The slightest amount of damage or impact could cause modern car keys to stop working correctly. 

Therefore, the best solution in these situations is to call a professional auto locksmithing company like 247 Auto Locksmith. We have an elite team of experienced auto locksmiths who can visit your location at any time and resolve your car key issue. Some of these services we can provide in this circumstance include car key repair or replacement. 

For instance, if your remote key fob no longer opens your car door for some unknown reason, our auto locksmiths can examine the key fob to determine the problem. If the problem is deemed salvageable, we will repair the key fob to restore its functionality. Sometimes a key fob needs to get reprogrammed with new data. 

Now you know car key problems don’t have to be a big deal. One phone call to 247 Auto Locksmith can quickly get you out of this situation. 

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